You Have a Destiny!

Are you ready to change the WORLD?

At Charis, you find your identity in Christ Jesus. 
He is such a good Father. He loves you endlessly. 
Let Him show you more of Him. 
At the same time, He will show you who He has called you to be … 
How to fulfil the destiny to which you are called.

Winter Term at Charis Plymouth is now OPEN for enrollment.
We cannot wait for you to join our family!

Call today  for more information on our new
Hybrid Program!

Hybid Learning allows you to study at home online

         and to attend classes on campus on alternate Saturdays!      

The best of both worlds ... now nothing can hold you back!  


        Change your life! Change your world!

Download application at the Admissions tab. 

Have questions?
Call 774-283-4806 for more information


Reasons to enroll today:

  • Attend Charis without leaving family and friends.
  • Receive hands-on ministry training locally. 
  • Minister to your own community.
  • Get a sure foundation to prepare you for your destiny.
  • Acquire practical skills to equip you to fulfill your calling.
  • Receive training form instructors who are experts in their field and live what they teach.
  • Go deeper with God while keeping your career.
  • To enjoy a glimpse of Charis, click here.