Charis Bible School offers one-year and two-year, non-degree programs. The first year program is the Bible Training Institute. The second year program is the School of Practical Ministry. Both programs are divided into three, ten-week terms: fall, winter, and spring.

Charis Plymouth offers the Hybrid Program on alternate Saturdays. Within this program, First Year courses are offered PT only; Second Year may be completed PT or FT. For more information, call or see the  "Hybrid" tab. No weekday classes are offered at this time.

ACADEMIC CALENDAR               2019 - 2020

Fall Term

Saturday Hybrid                  Begin September 7, 2019                       8:30 AM

Fall Term                             Ends November 24, 2019

Thanksgiving Holiday          November 30, 2019                               No Classes

Winter Term

Winter Term                         Begins December 2, 2019                    8:30 AM

Christmas Holiday               December 15 - January 3, 2020             No Classes

Classes Begin                      January 4, 2020                                   8:30 AM

Winter Term                         Ends February 23, 2020

Spring Term

Spring Term                         Begins February 24, 2020                      8:30 AM

Spring Term                         Ends May 16, 2020

Promotion / Graduation Exercise                                                June 6, 2020

Dates and times are subject to change.