2nd Year

Second Year Program

The following are some of the classes offered in the School of Practical Ministry: New Testament Survey, Ministry of Excellence, Discipleship/Evangelism, Making of a Minister, and more. The classes cover very practical aspects of the ministry.  This program offers Inter-Action Groups—IAGs (small workshop/training groups), on-the-job training, class instruction, and mission trips. This is a time of learning by doing: a time for the student to gain valuable experience in his/her respective field of ministry.  Upon the successful completion of the second year, the student will receive a diploma and be eligible to be licensed and ordained.

Inter-Action Groups

In the School of Practical Ministry, all students are divided into small Inter-Active Groups which allow each student to take part in discussions and gain practical experience in ministry through workshops.

The teacher group discusses many aspects of ministering the Word of God. Each student is assigned a subject and given time to prepare a teaching on that subject. At another time, students draw subjects and then must present a teaching immediately, without preparation time. Both of these teaching presentations are then critiqued by the group.

The pastor group discusses the responsibilities of a pastor, as well as ministerial ethics. Each student has an opportunity to perform mock funerals, wedding ceremonies, baby dedications, and other ceremonies.

Mission Trips

Several mission trips are planned during the second-year program. We believe that mission trips are a valuable part of the students' training. The students learn how to function as a team in a foreign culture, in unfamiliar surroundings. They also learn how to share the Gospel and give a sermon through an interpreter. This is a tremendous time of ministry as the students have many opportunities to minister at the meetings. There is also a great deal of street ministry during the day. These are life-changing trips. Even if a person never plans to go on the mission field, it will give him/her a world vision and an understanding of how to help those who are called into missions. These mission trips are financed through fund raisers that the students organize throughout the year. One mission trip is required for the student to graduate.